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Tiara: a girls search for her lost identity Francie Forsythe

Tiara: a girls search for her lost identity

Francie Forsythe

Published May 1st 2013
ISBN : 9780976440031
256 pages
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 About the Book 

Imagine this: Your life is pretty sweet. Then, in the space of one week, your parents die in a car crash- your only relative - who’s supposed to be your guardian - refuses- and you learn you were adopted. In a flash, you realize you’re not who you thought you were. Still reeling from all this, you find out you’re going to be a foster kid, and that the law is anti-kid. That’s the start of Tiara’s story. All hell breaks loose when she enters foster care. Her life is turned upside down by a monstrous foster father, his wimpy wife, their unruly kids, and, at her new school, a gang of meaner-than-mean girls. She vows to find her birth parents -- whoever they are -- and recover her lost identity -- her only hope of escape and survival. Will she claim her power and take control of her life? Will she stand up to the bullies? Will the search for her birth parents and her lost identity be successful? ~~~ TIARA begins on the night of her birth, with her teenaged mother’s ordeal, then fast-forwards to Tiara’s own teen years. ~~~ Reviews (excerpts): • I fell in love with Tiara. Shes smarter than most grownups. • This is a book for every high school kid. Awesome! • Tiara is so well-written I couldnt put it down. I read it all at once. • My heart broke for both Jennifer and Tiara. But it healed at the end. • Good story. Good writing. Good characters. I want to read more by Francie Forsythe. Watch this short video about the novel, TIARA: http://tiarathenovel.com/mediatrailer Dont wait. The price WILL go up…GUARANTEED. Get it now. Whether youre a teen, young adult or full-blown adult, youll love it. This book will forever change the way you think about: Foster kids- adoption- teen pregnancy, the law. Youll learn along with Tiara about getting a tattoo, pharm parties, the law as it applies to kids, emancipation of minors, and a raft of other things relevant to teens and to life itself. Please review it when youve finished reading it. And recommend it to your friends. Thank you.