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Reds And Blues (Oxford Reading Tree, Stage 1+, First Sentences) Roderick Hunt

Reds And Blues (Oxford Reading Tree, Stage 1+, First Sentences)

Roderick Hunt

Published January 10th 2008
ISBN : 9780198463429
8 pages
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 About the Book 

I would like to rate five stars to Reds and Blues (Oxford Reading Tree, Stage 1+, First Sentences). I absolutely adore this book. I had to do my research to find out some background information on it, because lots of the children that read this book to me were extremely familiar with the characters that were in this particular story, (so I could only imagine that there was some type of continuity that allowed them to know all the character names i.e. that these books were part of a set), which is indeed the case.I felt compelled to educate myself on this further. Upon further research it has become clear that this book is indeed part of the successful Oxford ‘Reading Tree’ which is used to teach reading in 80% of primary schools. With statistics like that, these books must be good, right? The stories focus around Kipper, Biff, Chip, and their friends and their family, and the exciting occurrences that they encounter together.I couldn’t imagine reading this book with children that were above KS1 as it is extremely basic, but very good for beginner readers, and just for children that want to become familiar with very basic words. The words, pictures and characters are all very simple, which make this a lovely read.My favourite part of this very concise read, is the very last page, because the book is constantly saying ‘Come on Reds’ and ‘Come on Blues’ and then at the very end we don’t really know what team is playing for the reds, and what team is playing for the blues, because ‘they are all covered in mud’ and I thought that was a lovely ending. It definitely has a sombre message in there that at the end of the day it is the taking part that is important, and not about winning or losing.I found this book, and the whole collection of books in the series on redhouse.co.uk which states that, ‘The books have been specially designed to introduce children aged four and above to the early concepts that will form the basis of their reading and writing skills.’ This is exactly what I got from reading this book, so I would say that their outcome is very much achieved.